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Class 12 Computer Sciences MCQ Important Question

According to the new curriculum and grid of NEB, there is an abrupt change in question pattern. Computer Science which used to have 75 as full mark is now reduced to 50 mark. Moreover, among 50, 9 mark will be of objective question i.e. MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) and rest 41 mark will be of Subjective. Here in the post, we have created 50 Important MCQ Collection of Class 12 along with the model question. The MCQ answer in this blog was indicated by the color yellow. Class 12 Computer Sciences

MCQ Important Question for the Exam:

1. Which statement is used in PHP to display any text in the screen?

a) printf(“Hello world”);                                  b) echo “Hello world”;

c) document.write(“Hello world”);              d) print “Hello world”;

2. What is the use of <A> tag?

a) To insert an image.                                      b) To create a link

c)Tocreate a hyperlink.                                 d) To create a list.

3. In which type of topology does every node are connected to                     centrally located devices called  hub?

a) Bus topology                                                 b) Star topology

c) Ring topology                                                d) Tree topology

4. In which topology connected with other two computers in 

circular form?

a. Star                                                                    b. Bus

c. Ring                                                                    d. Hybrid

5. What does "MAC" stands for in MAC Address?

a. Mandatory Access Control                          b. Media Access Control

c. Micro Access Control                                d. Media Access Certificate

6. ….... refers to the sending, receiving, and processing of                            information by electronic means.

a. computer                            b. communication

c. software                             d. Program

7. Which refers to the communication media?

a. UTP cable                                                        b. Fiber optic cable

c. Satellite                                                           d. All of the above

8. Which one is not network topology?

a. Star                                     b. Ring

c. Client server                               d. BUS

9. Which is not a guided media?

a. UTP Cable                                 b. STP Cable

C. Satellite                                    d. Fiber Optic

10. Which device is necessary to operate the Internet?

a. CD-ROM                                 b. ISP

c. Modem                                    d. All of the above

11. The primary key dos not accept…..

a. Text                                          b. Number

c. Null value                                 d. None of the above

12. Which statement is used to delete a table in SQL?

a. REMOVE                                b. DROP 

c. Alter                                        d. Rename


13. The data type appropriate to store salary is

a. Memo                                         b. currency 

c. Text                                            d. Auto

14. In Ms- Acess Data are stored in

a. Form                                        b. Query

c. Table                                       d. All of the above

15. …… is the DBMS

a. Fox-pro                                       b. MS-excel

c. Lotus-123                                   d. All of the above

16. IoT stands for……….

a. Information of technology      b. Internet of Things

c. Internet of Technology             d. International of Things

17. In which phase of SDLC software code is done?

a. Analysis                                    b. Design

c. Development                          d. Maintenance

18. SDLC stands for...

a. Scheme Development Life Cycle 

b. Software/System Development Life Cycle

c. Software/System Design Life Cycle      d. Scheme Design Life Cycle

19. … also called a Preliminary Investigation or Need Analysis                Phase.

a. System design                                          b. System study

c. System development                             d. System testing

20. Which of the statements are used in DDL?

a) Create, alter and drop                        b) Create, insert and select

c) Insert, update and delete                   d.) Delete, alter and drop


21. Date/ Time occupies …. Bytes of memory

a) 4                                                                                                  b) 2

c) 8                                                                                                  d) 16

22. Which of the following techniques is not implemented to protect          a database?

A) Rollback                                                                              b. Backup

c. Recovery                                                                              d.Firewall

23. What is the use of <A>tag?

a) To insert an image                                                    b) To create a link

c) To create a hyperlink                                               d) To create a list

24. In which normal form of database, atomicity is introduced?

A) First                                                                                      B) Second

 C) Third                                                                                     D) Fourth 

25. Which of these is the correct order of the SDLC?

a) Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation 

b) Analysis, Design, Testing, Implementation, Coding

c) Implementation, Coding, Analysis, Design, Testing           

d) Design, Testing, Implementation, Coding, Analysis

26. To insert a record into a table, we use …………

a) Insert                                                 b) Delete

c) Alter                                                  d) All of the above

27. Rows of a relation are known as the

a) Degree                                                 b) tuples

c) Entity                                                   d) All of the above

28. A variable which holds memory address of another variable                          is………

a) Function                                           b) Pointer

c) Array                                                 d) Structure

29. Which is not a type of query

a) Search                                             b) Select

c) Update                                            d) All of the above

30. The key that identifies each record uniquely, is called…………

a) Primary key                                    b) Unique key

c) Key record                                      d) Field name

31. Which forms simplifies and ensures that there are minimal data

Aggregates and repetitive groups:

a) 1NF                                                    b) 2NF

c) 3NF                                                    d) All of the mentioned

32. Which of the following is/are the main goals of a distributed                     database?

a) Interconnection of database                    b) Incremental growth

c) Reduced communication overhead        d) All of the above

33. PHP stands for …

a) Hypertext Processor                                   b) Hyper Markup Processor

c) Hyper Markup Preprocessor                     d) Hypertext Preprocessor

34. Which of the following is a group of one or many attributes that                 uniquely Identifies a row?

a) Key                                                                b) Determinant

c) Tuple                                                             d) Relation

35. In general, a file is basically a collection of all related

a) Rows & Columns                                       b) Fields

c) Database                                                    d) Records

36. Give an example of half duplex mode of data communication.

a) TV                                                               b) Radio

c) Walkie-Talkie                                           d) Internet

37. Which of the following can’t be done with client-side JavaScript?

a) Validating a form                       b) Sending a form’s content by email

c) Storing the form’s contents to a database file on the server     

d) None of the above

38. Which one of the following should not be used while sending                     password or other sensitive information?

a) GET                                                   b) POST

c) REQUEST                                         d) NEXT

39. Which feature of OOP indicates code reusability?

a) Abstraction                                   b) Polymorphism

c) Encapsulation                              d) Inheritance

40. Which of the following is the first step in SDLC framework?

a) Feasibility Study                          b) Requirement Gathering

c) Communication                           d) System Analysis

41. Which segment of e-commerce model does eBay belong to?

a) B2B                                                b) B2C

c) C2B                                                d) C2C

42. A data of the file is stored in…………

a. Hard Disk                                  b. RAM

c. ROM                                           d. None

43. Which of the following is a server-side scripting language?

A) JavaScript                                   B) MySql

C) PHP                                            D) Jquery

44. Which device is necessary to operate the internet ?

a. CD-ROM                                   b. ISP

c. Modem                                     d. All of the above

45. In Ms acess, we enter data using……

a. Form                                       b. Table

c. Report                                     d. Both a and b 

46. concat() is ……

a. integer method                           b. string method

c. image method                                d. None of the above

 47. SaaS stands for ………….

a. Software as a service                  b. system as a service

c. Both a and b                                  d. None of the above

48. ………………… is something that an operator acts on

a. Operand                                          b. operation

c. operator                                          d. None of the above

49. Which of the following commands is executed in PHP to                             concatenate the variables $x with $y?

A) $x + $y                                         B) $x=$y

C) concat ($x,$y)                              D) $x.$y

50. Which is not communication media ?

a. Wire                                        b. Microwave

c. Satellite                                   d. NIC

51. What does MAC stands for MAC Address

a) Mandatory Access Control                              b) Media Access control 

c) Micro Access Control                                 d) Media Access Certificate


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