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Ratan Karki Biography: Early Lifestyle, Education, Age, Family Background, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Social Media

Ratan Karki Biography
Ratan Karki Biography

Ratan Karki Biography: Early Lifestyle, Education, Age, Family Background, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Social Media & More information available in Onlinenpl. Here we will explore Ratan Karki Biography, Youtube Journey, Education Journey, Struggle, etc. Explore more famous Nepali celebrity Biography from here; Sandeep Lamichhane, Sanduk Ruit, Balen Shah, etc many more.

Who is Ratan Karki?

Ratan Karki is a 20-year-old Nepalese man from Chitwan born on 20 May 2003 and has gained significant recognition in the YouTube community. He is popular because of his funny vlogging style, not only that, he shares his life experiences in his videos which touch many viewers. Ratan began his journey on YouTube experimenting with social experiments and donation campaigns. Although his early videos failed to gain traction, he discovered his natural talent for comedy, which would soon lead to his viral success.

Early Life and Education

Ratan Karki had a modest upbringing in Chitwan, Nepal. He had several kinds of challenges as he was growing up in a middle-class family, which resonated with many individuals with similar upbringings. He complete his higher education +2 and went to Japan for better Job Opportunities.
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The Birth of a Comedian

Ratan Karki's comedic prowess sets him apart from other vloggers. His unique humor and style have garnered him a dedicated fanbase. His videos resonate with middle-class individuals who can relate to the every day problems he highlights and the social discrimination they face. Ratan's channel quickly became one of the fastest-growing on YouTube, amassing over 474,000 subscribers by July 2023.

Ratan Karki's Family Background

While specific details about Ratan Karki's family are not readily available, he comes from a middle-class background. The relatability of his content stems from his ability to portray the realities and challenges faced by individuals belonging to this social stratum.

Ratan Karki's Dream and Aspirations

Ratan Karki takes immense pride in what he has achieved so far. His videos reflect his confidence and contentment with his current position. With a unique comedic flair, Ratan showcases his life experiences with authenticity and enthusiasm, resonating with viewers who appreciate his perspective.

Ratan Karki's Girlfriend

As of the latest information available, Ratan Karki's relationship status remains undisclosed. He has not publicly shared details about his romantic life or whether he is currently dating someone.

Is Ratan Karki Married?

At present, there is no evidence to suggest that Ratan Karki is married. Given his young age and focus on his career, it is plausible that he is currently unmarried.
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Ratan Karki's Net Worth

Ratan Karki's net worth is not publicly known, but his increasing popularity on YouTube and social media platforms is likely helping him achieve financial success. Through collaborations, endorsements, and monetizing his content, his net worth is expected to grow over time. According to Socialblade, his monthly estimated earnings range from $1.3k to $21.3k, while his yearly estimated earnings range from $16k to $255.9k from his YouTube channel.
Ratan Karki's Net Worth

Social Media Presence

Ratan Karki's rise to fame is closely linked to his active presence on various social media platforms. With a substantial following on YouTube, he continues to engage with his fans and share captivating content. To stay up to date with Ratan Karki, you can follow him on his social media accounts.

Where is Ratan Karki Now?

Currently, Ratan Karki is now in Tokyo, Japan for better opportunities. However, his dedicated followers can expect him to continue creating entertaining and engaging content on his YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How old is Ratan Karki?
Ans: Ratan Karki is currently 21 years old.

Q2: What is Ratan Karki known for?
Ans: Ratan Karki is renowned for his comedic talent and entertaining vlogs on YouTube.

Q3: Does Ratan Karki have a YouTube channel?
Ans: Yes, Ratan Karki has a YouTube channel where he shares his vlogs and comedic content.

Q4: What is the current subscriber count on Ratan Karki's YouTube channel?
Ans: As of July 13, 2023, Ratan Karki's YouTube channel has over 474,000 subscribers.

Q5: Is Ratan Karki married?
Ans: There is no information available to suggest that Ratan Karki is currently married.


Ratan Karki's journey from a budding comedian to a popular YouTube vlogger has been nothing short of extraordinary. With his unique style, relatable content, and comedic prowess, Ratan has captured the hearts of millions of viewers. As he continues to create engaging and entertaining videos, his fanbase eagerly awaits his future endeavors. Follow Ratan Karki on his social media platforms to join the laughter-filled adventures of this talented individual.

Ratan Karki Full Details

Name : Ratan Karki
Date of Birth : 20 May 2002
Birthplace : Chitwan
Current Address : Tokyo Japan
Profession : Comedian, Youtuber, and Vlogger
Nationality : Nepali
Religious : Hindu
Height : 5 Feet 2 inch
Father Name : N/A
Mother Name: : Parbati Karki
Martial Status : Unmarried
Education Qualification : +2 Complete
Youtube Follower : 474k Subscriber (13, July 2023 data)
Facebook Follower
Instagram Follower : 39.9k Follower

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