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Harka Sampang's Biography: Early Life, Personal Details, Education, Political, Contribution, Salary, Social Media Account

Harka Sampang's Biography
Harka Sampang's Biography

Harka Sampang's Biography

Harka Sampang Rai, also known as Harka Raj Sampang Rai, is a highly respected figure in Nepal, known for his unwavering dedication to public service and his commitment to addressing social issues. He has gained considerable respect and support for his capable leadership and a strong sense of community.

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Early Life and Education

Harka Sampang Rai was born on February 27, 1983, in Khartamchha, Khotang, Nepal. He hails from a humble background and spent his formative years in Khotang. After completing his School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from Sukrabare School, he pursued higher education in politics and sociology at Mahendra Multipurpose Campus in Dharan and started work as a tutor. Later, he went to foreign countries for employment. 

Entry into Politics

After 6 years of working abroad, Harka Sampang Rai embarked on his political career as an independent candidate. In the local election held in 2022, he contested for the position of Mayor of Dharan and emerged victorious. His electoral symbol, 'Walking stick/Lauro,' resonated with the voters, and he garnered tremendous support from the community. Harka Sampang Rai's victory over the established political parties showcased the power of grassroots movements and the people's desire for change.
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Electoral History

Harka Sampamg Rai ( Independent):     20,821 (Votes)
Kishore Rai (Nepali Congress):                16,051 (Votes)
Manju Bhandari Subedi (CPN UML):    12, 825 (Votes)
Naresh Kumar Shakya (RPP):                  1,488 (Votes)

Social Activism

Even before entering politics, Harka Sampang Rai had established himself as a dedicated social activist. He actively participated in campaigns and movements aimed at addressing pressing issues in Dharan. One notable campaign led by Rai was the Sardu Watershed Protection Campaign, which focused on ensuring a sustainable water supply for the public. He set the stage for his future political career through his hard work and dedication to ward the community.

Rise to fame

Harka Sampang Rai's rise to fame can be attributed to his relentless efforts and unwavering dedication to public service. As the Mayor of Dharan, he has become a symbol of change and progress. His administration has focused on resolving long-standing issues such as the drinking water crisis, poor road conditions, and the management of the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences. Through his multilateral approach and inclusive decision-making, Harka Sampang Rai has gained the trust and support of various political parties and organizations.
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Achievements as Mayor of Dharan

Harka Sampang Rai's dedication to public service has yielded notable achievements. The development and maintenance of Dharan's road infrastructure have advanced significantly under his direction. The city's road network has undergone substantial improvements, enhancing connectivity and facilitating smoother transportation for residents and visitors alike.

Another notable achievement is providing water facilities to the Dharan public. He solved 80% of the water scarcity problem in Dharan, which is the most remarkable work done by Dharan's Mayor [Harka Sampang].

In the healthcare sector, Harka Sampang Rai has focused on strengthening the services provided by the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, a renowned medical institution in Dharan. Through collaborations with medical professionals and the allocation of necessary resources, he has worked towards enhancing the quality of healthcare and expanding access to medical facilities for the community.

Another noteworthy aspect of Harka Sampang Rai's tenure has been his emphasis on environmental conservation and sustainability. Recognizing the need of protecting natural resources, he has launched a number of projects to encourage eco-friendly behaviors and increase public knowledge of environmental challenges. These efforts include tree plantation drives, waste management campaigns, and the promotion of renewable energy sources in Dharan. He runs the water scarcity campaigns in Dharan.

Harka Sampang Sociak Media

Harka Sampang is active on his Facebook social media account, he gained 100k followers on his Facebook page. He has shared many posts related to the current issue. As well as he has a youtube channel named Harka Sampang, A Revolution in the music genre having 726 Subscribers.

Harka Sampang Rai Salary

As we all know, Harka Sampang Rai served as the Mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city in Nepal. He earned a monthly salary of around 45 to 50 thousand, and he also had other sources of income, such as business ventures. Therefore, it is difficult to determine Mr. Harka Sampang Rai's exact net worth.

Harka Sampang Rai Full Details

Date Of Birth 02/27/1983
Father name         N/A
Mother name N/A
Wife Name     N/A
Children         N/A
Nationality     Nepali
Birth Place         Khotang, Nepal
Age                         Currently he is 40 years old in 2023
Occupation         Mayor, Social Activist
Height         5 feet 5 inches
Home                     Town Dharan, Nepal
Current Address Dharan, Nepal
Field         Politician
Income         50K per month
Contact Number 9819012372/9746965198


Harka Sampang Rai's life exemplifies the power of passion, dedication, and grassroots movements in shaping the political landscape of Nepal. From his humble beginnings to his rise as the Mayor of Dharan, Rai has consistently advocated for positive change and worked tirelessly for the betterment of his community. Through his achievements in infrastructure development, healthcare improvements, environmental conservation, and providing water in the city, he has earned the respect and admiration of many.
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Harka Sampang Rai's journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring politicians and social activists, demonstrating the transformative impact that one dedicated individual can have on society. As he continues to make significant contributions, it is evident that Harka Sampang Rai's legacy will endure, leaving a lasting imprint on the political and social fabric of Nepal.

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