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Image to Text Converter

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What is Image to Converter OCR?

The ability to convert images into editable and searchable text is Image to Text Converter, Simply it is also known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR is a process that converts printed or handwritten text from images, such as scanned documents or photographs, into machine-readable text.  In Other words, OCR technology bridges the physical and digital realms, enabling efficient data extraction, document digitization, and automated text recognition.

In our quest for digital transformation, converting physical documents and images into editable and searchable formats has become a common requirement. It has become increasingly important for every people. By utilizing advanced algorithms and pattern recognition techniques, OCR software can accurately identify characters, words, and even entire documents.
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How OCR Technology Works?

OCR technology relies on advanced algorithms to recognize and interpret characters in images. The process typically involves the following steps:

1. Image Preprocessing: The input image is enhanced and prepared for character recognition. This may include tasks such as noise reduction, image rotation, and contrast adjustment.
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2. Text Localization: The software identifies areas in the image that contain text. This step is crucial in distinguishing text from other elements in the image.

3. Character Segmentation: The software divides the text into individual characters, separating them from one another for better recognition.

4. Character Recognition: Each segmented character is analyzed and compared to a database of known characters. The software determines the most likely match for each character.

5. Text Reconstruction: The recognized characters are assembled into words and sentences, reconstructing the original text from the image.
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How to convert an Image to Editable Text?

Converting an image to text is quite easy nowadays, with the help of Images to text converter OCR. 

Here we will guide you on how to convert an image to editable text using an image-to-text converter OCR tool:

Step I: To convert the image to text, first select the image

Step II: Click on "Select Image" to upload the image

Step III: After uploading the images, automatically, the uploaded images will be displayed below the "Select Image" bottom.

Step IV: Please wait until the image upload is complete. It depends on your image size, quality, and text format.

Step V: After the upload is complete, the editable text will be displayed in the text box.

Step VI: Click on "Copy" below to copy the editable text.

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