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How to start Blogging and earn money in 2023

How to start Blogging and earn money in 2023

How to start Blogging and earn money in 2023

Blogging is the creation and publishing of content on the internet in the form of written articles, photographs, or videos. In simple words, Blogging is the act of sharing your thoughts, experiences, and idea in the form of text, and images. video etc. Blogging can serve a variety of purposes, such as sharing personal experiences, expressing opinions, promoting products or services, or providing valuable information to a specific audience. Nowadays many bloggers use their platform to generate income through advertising, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or selling their own products or services.
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Here we will discuss, How to start Blogging and earn money?

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, and expertise with the world. Whether you want to start a personal blog or a business blog, here is a step-by-step guide on how to get started: 

1. Choose a Blogging Platform

The first step in starting is choosing a blogging platform. Nowadays, there are many platforms available for blogging including WordPress,, Blogger, etc. many more.  Nowadays, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. WordPress provides user-friendly options like; plugins, etc. 

The second most popular blogging platform is Blogger. Blogger is a Google product so it did not provide much more features than WordPress but it is best for new users to start blogging from a beginner. Later you can transfer your content from Blogger to WordPress.

2. Choose a Domain Name and Hosting

The second step is choosing Domain Name and Hosting. Once you've chosen a blogging platform, you'll need to choose a domain name and hosting. The domain is the name is the web address of your blog (e.g. 

I always want to suggest to us top-level domains like; .com. .edu, com. np, etc. and hosting is the service that stores your blog's files and makes them accessible on the internet. Many hosting providers offer affordable packages.

How to get a Free Domain?
Answer: Many domain providers serve free domains (i.e. is the free domain provider in Nepal and there are many other domain providers in the world). 

List of Free domain providers:
2. Freenom
There are other many free domain provider companies. 

How to get Free Hosting?
Answer: There are many free Hosting provider companies, but I want to suggest using Blogger for free hosting and free domain. Blogger is the official product of Google so, it provides free web hosting and a free domain (ie. or you can use your custom domain.

List of free web hosting providers:
1. InfinityFree.
2. Wix.
3. DepHost.
4. HyperPHP.
5. 000WebHost.
6. Google Cloud Hosting.
7. AwardSpace.
8. Freehostia.

3. Customize Your Blog

After setup hosting and domain name, it's time to customize your blog. Choose a theme or template that aligns with the style and purpose of your blog. You can customize the look and feel of your blog using the theme editor or by adding custom code.

How to customize a blogger template and theme?
Answer: Customizing a blogger template is quite difficult. You need to have knowledge about coding like; Htm, Css, javascript, etc. But you can also do simple customize in Blogger without using Html, CSS, or javascript. etc. Here is the simple step to customize your blogger template;

  • Sign in to Blogger.
  • Choose the blog to update.
  • In the left menu, click Layout.
  • In the area you want to modify, click Add a Gadget.
  • In the window that opens, choose the gadget and click Add Add.
  • At the bottom left, click Save.
  • To change the settings on a gadget, click Edit.

How to customize a WordPress template and theme?
Answer: Customizing a WordPress theme and template is quite easy and simple by using different plugins.  

4. Create Unique Content

The main important part of any blog is the content. Choose a niche or topic for your blog and create content that is informative, engaging, and relevant to your audience. Write in a conversational tone and use visuals like images and videos to make your content more engaging. Creating the most unique content help to engage organic traffic from a web search. 
10 Some tips to write Unique content:

  • First, gather information and ideas on your research topic.
  • Aware of copying content from other websites, which affects your website while ranking 
  • Try to write a unique writing style and tone that set your website different from others.
  • Try to write easy and understandable content which helps the audience to understand.
  • Create original and creative headlines that capture your audience's attention
  • Try to use clear and creative headlines, not a vague headline
  • Use bullet points and number lists to break up text and make it more readable.
  • To engage your audience use a conversational tone.
  • Update your content regularly to keep it fresh and relevant
  • Use feedback and comment analytics to improve your content.

5. Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog on Social media is key to growing your audience and increasing your reach. Use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to share your blog posts and engage with your audience. Consider using paid advertising to reach new audiences, and collaborate with other bloggers in your niche to cross-promote each other's content.
10 Tips to promote your Blog

  • Optimize your blog SEO
  • To promote blog use social media
  • Share your blog on online forums
  • Collaborate with other bloggers
  • Use influencer marketing
  • Promote your blog through paid ads
  • Use podcasting and Use video marketing
  • Host webinars
  • Run contests or giveaways
  • Use Quora, Reddit, Brainly, and Pinterest to promote your blog

6. Analyze and Adjust

Analyzing and Adjusting are important steps in the blog to analyze your website traffic and adjust your strategy accordingly. Use tools like Google Search Console, and Google Analytics to track your traffic and engagement metrics, and adjust your content strategy as needed to better serve your audience.
Step to connect your blog in Google Search Console:

  • First, Sign in to your Google account and go to Google Search Console.
  • Click on "Add Property" and enter your blog's URL
  • Choose the verification method that you prefer.
  • Follow the instructions for your chosen verification method.
  • After getting your blog verified, go to the dashboard and click on "Sitemaps".
  • Enter your blog's sitemap URL (usually, in the given field.
  • Click on "Submit" to submit your sitemap to Google.
  • Analysis of your blog's performance in Google Search Console, including search queries, impressions, clicks, and more.
  • Use the following information in Google Search Console to optimize your blog for search engines and improve its visibility in search results.

Step to connect your blog in Google Analytics:

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  • Click on "Admin" button at the left of the page
  • Click on "Account" column and select the account that you want to use for your blog
  • Then, Click on "Property" column and "Create Property" or select an existing property
  • Enter the details for your blog, including the website URL and name.
  • Choose your industry category and time zone
  • Click on "Create" to create your industry.
  • You will see the tracking code on the next page. Copy the code snippet to your clipboard.
  • Installing the tracking code on your blog's header or footer.
  • Once the tracking code is installed, go back to google analytics and click on the ""Tracking Info" link in the "Property" column.
  • Click on "Tracking Code" and then "Send test traffic" to verify that your tracking code is working properly.
  • Monitor your blog's traffic and other metrics in Google Analytics and use the information to improve your blog's performance.

How to earn money from blogging?

Monetizing your blog is a crucial step in earning money from the content you create. You can generate a source of income if done correctly. Here are some of the most common ways to monetize your blog:
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    1. Affiliate Marketing

    Did you ever hear about Affiliate marketing?
    Affiliate marketing is a popular way to earn passive income from your website or blog by sharing unique referral links of products and services. In this model, you can promote a good or service on your sites and earn a commission for every sale. If your audience purchases goods and services through your referral link, you will generate a commission. The commission rates were different from the company's. To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to choose the right products to promote and create content that effectively promotes those products.
    There are many companies working in affiliate marketing to promote their product. 
    Some of the companies were mentioned below:

    • Daraz, Amazon, Aliba, [E-Commerce platform]
    • NestNepal, Godaddy, Hostginer [Web Hosting platform]
    • Commission Junction
    • ShareASale
    • Rakuten Marketing
    • ClickBank
    • eBay Partner Network
    • FlexOffers
    • Avangate Affiliate Network
    • Skimlinks
    • PeerFly
    • MaxBounty
    • Awin
    • LinkConnector
    • JVZoo
    • WarriorPlus
    • AdWork Media
    • MoreNiche
    • ClickDealer
    • GlobalWide Media, etc.

    2. Advertising [Google adsense]

    Advertising is another way to earn passive income from your website or blog. You can earn passive income by advertising other products, companies, and services, in your blog.
    Maybe you heard about Google AdSense?
    Google AdSense is the advertising network, which displays ads on your site and earns money every time someone clicks on an ad. However, this method requires a large amount of traffic to your site to generate significant income. 
    To qualify for Google AdSense you need to comply with Google's requirements such as; Traffic, SEO, and high-quality content. 
    You can use other Ads Networks to display ads.
    12 Best Google Adsense Alternative:

    • Infolinks
    • Bidvertiser
    • Adsterra
    • Adcash
    • Skimlinks
    • VigLink
    • RevContent
    • Taboola
    • Monumetric
    • Sovrn Holdings
    • AdThrive, LLC
    • Adblade
    • SHE Media
    • Clicksor
    • OpenX
    • AdRecover
    • Dianomi
    • PropellerAds Private Limited
    • RevenueHits
    • AdClickMedia

    3. Sponsored Content

    Sponsored Content is also known as Native Advertising. Sponsored content involves creating content that promotes a product or service in exchange for payment. Writing posts about products, and services description or other company in exchange for payment. Companies may approach you to create sponsored content, or you can approach them with a proposal. It's important to ensure that sponsored content aligns with your audience's interests and is clearly labeled as sponsored.

    4. Digital Products

    Another way of earning money from blogs is through Digital products. You can be Creating and selling digital products like e-books, courses, or printables can be a profitable way to earn passive income from your website or blog. 
    For example; If you are serving educational content. you can earn money by selling book notes, model question papers solutions, and other many notes in PDF files.
    Digital products are relatively low-cost to produce and can generate income over time without much additional effort. To be successful in this area, you need to create high-quality products that align with your audience's interests.

    5. Membership Sites

    Use certain plugins for Membership in your sites, where the audiences can buy a membership for your valuable content. Membership sites involve creating exclusive content or resources for a membership fee. Use certain plugins for Membership in your sites, where the audiences can buy a membership for your valuable content. This can be a profitable way to earn passive income from your website or blog, especially if you have a dedicated audience. To be successful in this area, you need to offer valuable content or resources that are not available elsewhere.

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