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Class 12 Compulsory Optional Subject Sample Model Question According to CDC


Class 12 Compulsory and Optional  Sample Model Question According to CDC

1. Compulsory Subject: 

     a. Compulsory English 
     b,. Compulsory Nepali
     c. Social Studies and Life Skilled Education
     d. Mathematics 

2. Optional Subject

      a. Physics
      b. Accounting
      c. Nepalese Legal System 
      d. Instructional Pedagogy and Evaluation
      e. Psychology
      f. History
      g. Biology
      h. Education and Development
      i. Geography
      j. Legal Drafting
      k. Sociology
      l. Business studies
      m. Chemistry
      n. Economics
      o. Marketing
      p. Civil and criminal law and justice
      q. Culture
      r. Optional English 
      s. Mathematics
      t. Applied Mathematics
      u. Business Mathematics 
      v. Libary and Information Science
      w. Home Science
      x. Environmental Science
      y. General Law
      z. Finance
      1. Computer Science
      2. Linguist                         

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