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NEB Class 12 GPA calculator 2080 - Class 11/12

 NEB GPA Calculator

 The NEB is currently using Letter grading systems for the evaluation of student's performance in their final exams. NEB has implemented this GPA on 2073 B.S. But in 2078, NEB modified the letter grading system more easy and flexible. In the update of the Latter Grading system, to pass the exam, students must score D+ above in each subject. If any student fails to secure D+ in each subject , s/he fails in the exam. Those students who secure below D+ can give the Grade Increment Examination to pass the final result. At least students can give 3 subjects Grade increment Exam. If students gain D+ below in more than 3 subjects, Students have to re-study the whole subject. In the New Letter Grading System, NEB has provided 25 practical marks in all subjects.  
How to calculate NEB GPA
Step I: Choose your Grade 11/12
Step Ii: Enter the per subject Mark.
Step III: In theory (TH) provde your theory Mark, In Internal (IN) provide your internal (Practical mark).
Step IV: After filling all subject Mark "Click on Calculate"
Step V: After clicking calculate you will see your total GPA score in final result.

Follow the instruction which was given in the video

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