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Social media 5 Positive and Negative Effect

Social media 5 Positive and Negative Effec
Social Media 5 Positive and Negative Effect
Social Media are the branch of technology that help to facilitate the creation and sharing of information, idea, creativity, etc. In simple languages, social media is the collection of websites and applications which aims to communicate, share information, interact, content sharing, etc. Today world, there are many social media like Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Due to the popularity of social media, many people are engaged in social media. Social Media can play both positive and negative effects on people.
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Positive effects of social media.
a. Social media is one of the best platforms for people to communicate and stay in touch with friends, relatives, etc. Social media is also a great opportunity to meet new people from different corners of the world.
b. Social media helps students to improve their technical skills. With the help of social media, students can get quality education quickly.
c. Using social media, students can easily discuss homework and get help with assignments online with their peers.
d. Social media presents a wonderful opportunity to promote a business, its products, and its services. It is a great tool to increase your business visibility and awareness among a huge online audience.
e. Social media makes it easier for people to learn and for people to teach. There are professionals and experts who can guide you and increase your knowledge free of charge.
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Negative effects of social media
a. Social media plays a huge negative impact, it becomes a huge addiction for students. Students often spend their time on social media like; TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, etc. They forget their personal responsibility toward their education.
b. Social media has been shown to put people at risk for depression and reduce social skills
c. Due to social media, most illegal activities are increasing in our community and country.
d. Users of social networking websites are vulnerable to security attacks such as hacking, sending viruses, identity theft, and leakage of critical personal/business data to an organization.
e. Most of the youth are misguided due to social media, people are addicted due to open pornography videos on social media.

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