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Class 12 Compulsory English Question paper 2080 Solution

Class 12 Compulsory English Question paper 2080 solution 

Class 12 Compulsory English Question paper 2080 Solution

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2079 (2023)
Model Question
Compulsory English

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate Time: 3 hrs.                                                                                                                  Full marks. 75

1. Read the following text about a fitness activity and complete the tasks that follow
    You want to be healthy. You know, you need to exercise more. But if you are not ready to grunt through an hour of kick-boxing, don't despair. There a is a growing agreement among exercise researchers that the intense physical activities offered by most health clubs are not the only-or even the preferable-path to better health. Indeed, the best thing for most of us may be to just walk.

Yes, walk. At a reasonable vigorous clip (five to six km/h) for half an hour or so, may be five or SIX times a week. You may not feel the benefits all at once, but the evidence suggests that over the long term, a regular walking routine can do a world of preventive good. Walking, in fact, may be the perfect exercise. For starters, it's one of the safest things you can do with your body. It's much easier on the knees than running and doesn't trigger untoward side effects. Dr. Johnna Manson, chief of preventive medicine at a leading Harvard woman's hospital says, "If everyone were to walk briskly 30 minutes a day, we could cut the incidence of many chronic diseases by 30 to 40 per cent." She further says, "Regular physical activity is probably as close to a magic bullet as we will come in modern medicine."

And for those of us who don't have half-hour chunks of time, the news gets even better. Several recent studies suggest that walking briskly three or four times a day for 10 minutes at a time may provide many of the same benefits as walking continuously for 30 minutes.

Here's how to make the most of your walking routine. First, get into gear. Walker's shoes need to have enough room at the front for the feet to spread. Then, ease on down that road. Avoid muscle aches by starting slowly and incorporating gentle stretches into both your warmup and cool down. You must plot your course. Some people walk at a specific time each day. Others shoehorn walking into their routines by parking the car a few minutes from the store or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Record your efforts, including how long and how far you walked. Jotting down improvements keeps you motivated and challenges you to do better.

Since walking affects you in SO many ways at once, it's difficult to determine precisely why it's good for you. But much of the evidence gathered so far is compelling.

Brisk walking is good for the heart-which makes a lot of sense. The heart is a muscle after all, a and anything that makes the blood flow faster through a muscle helps keep it in shape. But regular walking also lowers blood pressure, which decreases the stress on the arteries. It can boost the amount of HDL cholesterol (the good one) in our blood. It even seems to make the blood less "sticky", and therefore less likely to produce unwanted clots. This all adds up to as much as a 50 per cent reduction in the risk of suffering a heart attack.

A. Complete the following sentences using the words highlighted in the text. Two of those words are not necessary.
a. He looks like bodybuilder as he has a strong muscles.
b. You can still get a good house for a very reasonable price.
c. It was really freezing. So, we gathered some wood to build a fire.
d. Although he lost his job, he didn't despair
e. Jogging regularly is the best preventive measure for a heart disease.

B. Read the text again and write. 
TRUE: if the statement agrees with the information given in the text. 
FALSE: if the statement contradicts the information given in the text. 
NOT GIVEN: if there is no information in the text. 
a) According to the author, only strong physical exercise keeps people healthy. ;False 
b) The author thinks that walking is better than running in the initial stage.:True 
c) Regular exercise frequently releases our brain cells. : Not Given 
d) Physical exercise ensures the overall growth of a person.: Not Given 
e) The author advises people to make notes of the duration and distance of the daily walk.: True

C. Give short answers to the following questions in ONE SENTENCE each. 

a. Why does the author mention 'exercise researchers' in the first paragraph?
Ans: The author mentions 'exercise researchers' in the first paragraph because the author wants to introduce the idea that intense physical activities offered by most health clubs are not the only or even the preferable path to better health

b. Where does Johnna Manson work?
Ans: Johnna Manson works at the leading Harvard woman's hospital

c. Why does the author use the phrase a magic bullet' in the third paragraph?
Ans: The author uses the phrase 'a magic bullet' in the third paragraph to advise that regular physical activity is an effective solution for preventing chronic diseases.

d. Do you agree or disagree with the author's point of view? Why, why not?
Ans: Write your opinion regarding the author's point of view.

e. How is the author in this text trying to convince the readers?
Ans: The author in the above text tries to convince the readers that waking is a safe, effective, easy way to improve health and help prevent chronic diseases.

2. Write short answers to the following questions in about 75 words each. 5x2=10 

a. Why was the success of Rakesh a matter of discussion in the neighborhood? (A Devoted Son)
Answer: Rakesh's success is a special matter of discussion in the neighborhoods because he was the first son in the family to receive higher education and he score top in the Medical Examination. 

b. Describe the irritating things that the people do with the strange old man. (A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings)
Answer: People began to irrigate the strange old man because he was unable to impress them. People pulled the strange old man's feathers and threw stones at him to get him to stand. They poked him with a branding iron and burned him. The old man did not react to them at first, but he eventually got aggressive due to unbearable pain.


Describe marriage as a social institution. (Marriage as a Social Institution) 

c. 'Human beings are connected with hope. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons. (The Awakening Age)
Answer: I fully agree with the statement "Human beigns are connected with hope". The author expresses people are connected through the strong bond of hope and optimism derive from history. They are believed in their dreams and want to gain a new height of unity and prosperity.

d. Do you agree with the author's view that history has been a major debatable issue in the present world? Give your opinion. (Humility)


How can wisdom be taught? Give examples. (Knowledge and Wisdom) e. How does Famous Actress try to convince Earnest Young Woman? (A Matter of Husbands)

3. Write long answers to the following questions in about 150 words each. 2x5=10 
a. Explain the following lines with reference to the context. (I was My Own Route) 
And was all in me as was life in me... 
wanted to be like men wanted me to be: 
an attempt at life; 
a game of hide and seek with my being. 
But was made of nows; 
when the heralds announced me at the regal parade of the old guard, 
the desire to follow men warped in me, 
and the homage was left waiting for me.


Sketch the character of Monsieur Durand. (Facing Death) b. How does the play make a satire on feudal system of Nepali society of late 18th century? (The Bull)

4. Summarise the following text in approximately 150 words. Write only the ideas of the original text but do not include your own opinions, interpretations, deductions or comments. 7 
Madhav Prasad Ghimire is a renowned Nepali poet who has a given a great contribution to Nepali literature. He is one of the last of the oldest generation of poets in Nepal. He was motivated by the works of Rabindranath Tagore. He is a poet of the romantic tradition. He has written many incredible books such as Gauri, Malati Mangale, Himal Pari Himal Wari, Aswathama, Rajheswari, and Shakuntala and he is well known for his inspiring works. He was honoured as Rashtra Kavi (poet of the nation) of Nepal. He is undoubtedly one of the rare poets in Nepal to gain fame and fortune, and not the unfortunate forgetfulness they normally receive.

But the greatest asset of his life is its simplicity. He is a very simple person with a simple taste, but his verses are varied and complex. However, for some, he is a Himalayan poet and for some the poet of love and harmony. However, this truth cannot be denied: he is lyric poet and one of the true servants of Nepali literature.

It is also a national treasure associated with the golden age of Nepali literature. He is one of the last of the oldest generation of poets whose contemporaries, Bal Krishna Sama and Laxmi Prasad Devkota, have become historical figures in the annals of Nepali literature.

It is known that in his masterpieces such as Gauri and Malati Mangale he portrayed terrible truths of society. This literature was most praised by the Nepali people. Some of his other important literary works include Himal Pari Himal Wari, Rajeshwori, Aswathama, and Shakuntala which are most appreciated.

He is a simple a man with a complex and different perception. Rastra Kavi Ghimire was cited as a source of inspiration in the Nepali literary brotherhood. Not only writing but also his will to live has inspired many Nepali people. According to him, there are three mantras to live longer; Easy exercise or yoga, positive thinking, and creativity.

For him, education in his own life is very important, since it takes a person from darkness to light and it is very important that Nepali youth should learn these things from him. He is respected by the people of Nepal. "I think poets should be able to go beyond the social hierarchy and bring visions to humanity, and by using their poetic abilities, they should be able to expand the mind and pursue the truth.", this is a great sentence by Madhav Prasad Ghimire. [irp posts="1164" ]

5. Write a letter to your cousin recommending him/her a book/novel that you thought worth reading in about 180 words. Describe the factors that you liked most. 8

6. 'Privatization in education creates two class citizens.' To what extent do this opinion? Write an essay in about 300 words on why you think so shading light on pros and cons of privatizing education, issues and Government responsibilities. 10

7. Do as instructed in the brackets and re-write the sentences.

a. I have to go to the dentist because my tooth is aching terrible. (Find the mistake in this sentence and correct it.). 

b. His house is ... (in/ at/ by/on) the way from Itahari to Biratnagar. (Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence) 

c. Ram assured me that he would meet me at the bus station exactly at 8 a. m. It is now 10 a. m. I have waiting for him since early morning. (Identify which bolded verb forms is incorrect and rewrite.) 

d. You …...... (will/must/has to/had to) stop smoking. It is very harmful. (Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate auxiliary verb). 

e. He usually ...... (do/did/has done/does) his homework in his room. (Identify which bolded verb forms completes the sentence.) 

f. As a part of the project work, the students had to work physically. Therefore, they requested their teacher to stop study. (Identify which bold-faced word needs to be rewritten and correct it.) 

g. Ganesh is a doctor. His wife is doctor. (Combine the sentences using the conjunction both ... .. and.) 

h. The man is in the garden. The man is wearing a blue is jumper (Join the two sentences using appropriate relative pronoun). 

i. My uncle wrote : wonderful play. (Change the sentence into passive voice). j. Mohan said, "My brother arrived home late". (Change the sentence into reported speech).

8. Choose and copy the correct alternatives: 
a) Which one of the following words has a different final sound?
    i) Brushed     ii) glanced     iii) looked     iv) filled 
 b) You went for a long run this morning. The word 'run' in this sentence is: 
    i) a noun     ii) a verb     iii) an adverb     iv) an adjective 
 c) Which one of the following words does not take the prefix 'Im'? 
    i) Pure     ii) fertile     iii) moral     iv) proper 
d) Which one of the following words comes between 'example' and 'exchange' in the dictionary entry? 
    i) Excavate     ii) examine     iii) excite     iv) exclude 
 e) The administration has officially asked transportation employees to ............their demonstration. 
    i) call on     ii) call off     iii) call at     iv) call for


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