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Class 12 Compulsory English 2079 Question Paper (with solution)

Class 12 Compulsory English 2079 Question Paper
Class 12 Compulsory English 2079 Question Paper

Sub. Code: 0041 'B'
2079 (2022)
Compulsory English
New Course
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks,
Time:3hrs.                                                                                                              Full Marks: 75
Attempt all the questions
Group 'A’
1. Read the following text and complete the tasks that follow.
Robert Capa is a name that has for many years been synonymous with war photography. Born in Hungary in 1913 as Friedmann Endre Erno, Capa was forced to leave his native country after his involvement in anti-government protests. Capa had originally wanted to become a writer, but after his arrival in Berlin had first found work as a photographer. He later left Germany and moved to France due to the rise in Nazism. He tried to find work as a Freelance journalist and it was here that he changed his name to Robert Capa, mainly because he thought it would sound more American.

In 1936, after the breakout of the Spanish civil war, Capa went to Spain and it was here over the next three years that he built his reputation as a war photographer. It was here too in 1936 that he took one of his most famous pictures, The Death of a Loyalist Soldier. One of Capa's most famous quotes was 'If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough'. And he took his attitude of getting close to the action to an extreme. His photograph, 'The Death of a Loyalist Soldier' is a prime example of this as Capa captures the very moment the soldier falls. However, many have questioned the authenticity of this photograph, claiming that it was staged.

When World War II broke out, Capa was in New York, but he was soon back in Europe covering the war for life magazine. Some of his most famous work was created on 6th June 1944 when Swam ashore with the first assault on Omaha Beach in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Capa, armed only with two cameras, took more than one hundred photographs in the first hour of the landing, but a mistake in the darkroom during the drying of the film destroyed all but eight frames. It was the images from these frames however that inspired the visual style of Steven Spielberg's Oscar winning movie Saving Private Ryan'. When life magazine published the photographs, they claimed that they were slightly out of focus, and Capa later used this as the title of his autobiographical account of the war.
Capa's private life was no less dramatic. He was friend to many of Hollywood's directors, actors and actresses. In 1943, he fell in love with the wife of actor John Austin. His affair with her lasted until the end of the war and became the subject of his war memories. He was at one time lover to actress Ingrid Bergman. Their relationship finally ended in 1946 when he refused to settle in Hollywood and went off to Turkey. In 1947, Capa was among a group of photo journalists who founded Magnum photos. This was a cooperative organization set up to support photographers and help them to retain ownership of the copyright to their work. Capa went on to document many other wars. He never attempted to glamorize war though, but to record the horror. He once said, " The desire of any war photographer is to be put out of business."

A. Complete the following sentences using the words highlighted in the text.
  Two of those words are not necessary.                                                        5x1=5
a. Before the strong wind overturned her boat, the woman managed to come ashore.
b. After gaining a great deal of knowledge on programming language, the man set up his own software firm.
c. The dispute with the publishing company forced her to work as a freelance writer.
d. Despite having a healthy relationship with them, we refused their invitation to the marriage ceremony.
e.  The punitive action made the teenager develop a horrible attitude toward the institution.
B. Read the text again and write
      TRUE if the statement agrees with the information given in the text.
      FALSE if the statement contradicts the information given in the text.
     NOT GIVEN if there no information in the text.                              5x1=5
a. Robert Capa adopted his name because he wanted to become an American Citizen.= False
b. All the images that Capa took in Omaha Beach were damaged.= False
c. Capa was famous for his war images. = True
d. Magnum photos was founded in Paris. = Not Given
e. Capa wanted his works to show how dreadful war can be. = True
C.Read the text again and answer the following questions.                                    5x1=5
a. What is the original name of Robert Capa?
Answer: The Original Name of Robert Capa is Friedmann Erno.
b. Why did Capa leave Germany?
Answer: Robert Capa left Germany because he found the rise of Nazism there.
c. What evidence is given in the text to prove that Robert Capa was a frontline war photographer?
Answer: There is much evidence given in the text to prove that Robert Cap was a frontline war photographer. In 1936, Robert Capa took one of his most famous pictures, The Death of a Loyalist Soldier. It is the main evidence to prove that he was a frontline war photographer.
d. What does the word "This' in line 66 refer to?
Answer: The word "This" in line 16 refers to an attitude of a photographer of getting close to the action to an extreme.
e. What is the purpose of this text?
Answer: The purpose of this text is to show Robert Capa's career as a ward frontline photographer and provide lessons regarding the reality of war
2. Write short answers to the following questions based on the textbook.         5x2=10
a) Mrs. Baroda told her husband she had overcome everything. What do you think she had overcome? (A Respectable Woman)
Answer: I think Mrs. Baroda overcame her inner conflict, which haunted her most of the time, while the Governor was there as a guest.
b) Why does the guide take the tourist to the remote village ? (The Half-closed Eyes of The Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun)
Answer: The guide takes the tourist to the remote village to show the pulse of reality by the help of a farmer’s family, their hard labor, pollution-free environment and their miserable life.
c) What is the theme of the story "The old man with Enormous wings'?
Answer: “The old man with Enormous wings” is a magical realistic story. This story examines the human response to those who are weak, dependent and different. It also shows selfish human nature related curiosity, greed and cruelty for materialism.  
d) Explain the following lines with reference to the context: (Every Morning I wake)
       And thou, I know wilt be the first.
        To see our best side, not our worst.
Answer: ‘Every Morning I Wake’ is a poem written by Dylan Thomas (1914-1953). Here in these lines, the speaker furthers the idea of ​​the majestic likeness of Almighty God. As the speaker indicates, God knows all and He is very aware of His children. The speaker has a deep belief in the ideal equality of God. In the identification of God, he expresses that Almighty God is quick to see the good and positive parts of every one of his youths, ignoring the terrible outlook.
e) What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom, according to Russell? (Knowledge and Wisdom)
Answer: Russell clarified the two sides saying that they are two different things. According to Russell, knowledge is the acquisition of data and information, while knowledge is defined as the practical application of knowledge and useful knowledge to create value. Knowledge comes from study, research, experience, etc., but wisdom comes from study and practical experience, not just memorization. It tells us how to use this knowledge to our best advantage or for the good of humanity. If knowledge is the engine, wisdom is the driver.
3. Write long answers to the following questions.                                           2x5=10
a) Justify the title of the story 'A Devoted Son'.
b) According to famous actress, men associated with theatre use the theatre actresses to make their estranged wives jealous so as to woo them back. Do you agree with her argument ? Why? Why not? (A Matter of Husband)
4. The bar chart shows transport preferences among young people in four districts in a single year. Summarize the information in about 150 words by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.                                7      
Answer: In the given bar chart represent transport preferences for young people in term if cars, motorcycles, and bicycles in four districts of Nepal such as Pokhara, Biratnagar, Chitwan and Kathmandu. A motorcycle is more popular in Pokhara, Biratnagar, Chitwan and Kathmandu. 75% of People from Chitwan and Kathmandu are using motorcycles as their means of transportation. 60% of people from Pokhara, and Biratnagar was using motorcycles as a means of transportation.
      In the context of using cars, people from Kathmandu come in first and Chitwan comes in the second position respectively. Pokhara list in third place in the use of cars and very few people of Biratnagar are using cars. 55% of people from Kathmandu use cars. Chitwan come first place in using bicycles. 40% of people from Chitwan are using bicycles bicycle and Pokhara and Kathmandu people in fourth place in the matter of using bicycles.
5. Your neighbors have recently written to you complaining about the noise from your house. Write a letter to your neighbors in about 180 words explaining the reasons for the noise: also, apologies for the noise.                                                                                8
September 18, 2023
Miklajung Rural Municipality
Morang, Nepal 
       Dear sir / Madam,
                            We're really sorry that the midnight party noise inconveniences you. When we get the letter from you, we were really feeling sad. We believe that we were making a loud noise sound at the midnight party. Actually, we are celebrating my son's birthday party at midnight. My whole family apologizes to you for the loud party noise. We are really feeling sad that we haven't invited you to my son's birthday party because we were conducting a small party.  But don't worry, we would like to inform you that we are going to celebrate the anniversary party coming Saturday too. So, you have to attend at that time. At that time we would like to promise you that there wouldn't be any noise coming Saturday night. We have to celebrate our party peacefully. We wouldn't be left any chance of complaint from you and other neighbors. 
Your Sincerely
Sharma Family, and Member
6. During the Covid-19 pandemic, all the educational institutions were closed, write an essay in about 300 words on what technologies you used to help you in your studies. Describe how it helped you. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.
  Answer: I think everybody knows about the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unforgettable moment for all people. At that time many people were residing in homes without going outside. More than 6 million people lost their life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In only Nepal, more than 12 thousand people lost their life. Many people lost their jobs, education, etc. due to COVID-19. COVID-19 pandemic effect many colleges, schools, and universities.  Due to COVID-19, all educational institutions were closed for the long term.
      At that time, technology played a very important role in student life during the Covid-19 pandemic. Back then we thought technology was a gift from God. Technology has changed the lives of students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Indirectly, all educational institutions were opened through technology. Not only that, but technology has also changed teaching and learning methods during the Covid-19 pandemic. Most students, and I have learned through online classes, so online classes are possible because of technology. All the teachers engaged in online classes to teach the me and my classmates. I learned a lot of things about technology. while teaching online classes, the online class is more beneficial to students and teachers. The teaching method was fully changed by technology. All the subject's notes are available on social media like; Youtube, Facebook, website, etc. In an online class. I used to do the home assignment with the help of technology of different subjects and summited them to my teacher in online.
       I was really happy at that time due to technology. it changes my learning styles and the teaching styles of teachers. I thought technology was a gift from God at that time and now. I managed every single note of each subject course due to technology.
7. Do as indicated in the brackets and rewrite the sentences.
a) The reason Deepak has never had an accident is that he drives carefully than everyone else. (Complete the sentence with an appropriate adverb)
b) The herd of deer runs (run, runs) to the river. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence)
c) I am not interested in buying a new car now. (Put the correct preposition in the blank)
d) Rita is already over two hours late. She must have (should have/must have/will have/could have) missed the bus again. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence)
e) By the end of this month, she will have worked in this organisation for fifteen years.(Complete the sentence using correct form of the verb: work)
f) Max finished doing (to do/doing) his homework and then he went to the party with George and Bill. (choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)
g) I still can't remember his house although I've been there several times. (Put a correct conjunction in the blank to complete the sentence.)
h) She is one of the few girls (who has/who have/who were)passed the examination.
i) I resent people interrupting me when I'm speaking. (Change into passive)
    Ans: I resent being interrupted when I'm speaking.
j) "Did you receive my email ?" (Report this question with the reporting clause: The teacher asked ........)
 Answer: The teacher asked if I had received his email.
8. Choose and copy the correct answer.                                                 5x1=5
a) Which of the following words does not have the prefix 'in' ?
     (i) independent    (ii) inactive           (iii) instrument              (iv) inability
b) Which of the following words has a diphthong sound?
      (i) paternal           (ii) liquid              (iii) out                           (iv) speed
c) Which of the following words has a different pronunciation?
      (i) so                    (ii) sew                 (iii) Sow                         (iv) saw
d) What guide words would you look between in the dictionary to find the word 'CAMCORDER' ?
     (i) calf-camp                 (ii) campground-capital
     (iii) car-carry                  (iv) cart-cat
e) I'm sorry, they aren't staying in this hotel anymore. They ...... this morning.
     (i) checked in                (ii) checked out   (iii) checked on   (iv) checked off

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